Friday, October 3, 2008

First Sleepover!

Cody is 4 1/2 years old and finally had one of his Best Friends spend the night with us. From the weeks prior Cody has been counting down the days until it was finally the Cody/Andon Day. Which was a great learning moment for him because we incorporated the days of the week. We would ask him what day it was that day if the prior day was whatever. Anyway, on thursdays Hayden goes to a Teachers house because we don't have a 4-day program for his age. After school, everyone hopped in and we were on our way to pick Hayden up and we past an Apartment complex and Andon turned to Cody and said is that your house. Cody looked at me with a funny face, and said to Andon "No, we live in Jarrell!". So we picked Hayden up and Andon again asked if we were there yet. Again, Cody said "No, this is Leander, we live in Jarrell". I Andon that we had to go through Georgetown which would lead us to Jarrell. He was like "Oh". Ok, so we finally got home and the boys did their normal routine of hoping out of the car and dashing toward Momo's shop for their daily popcicle. They played around for a bit and after they were done with their popcicles I suggested going swimming (because it was a beautiful day yesterday). They said YES. I got their swim suits on. We went out and Andon gets right in sitting on the steps. Of course I am right there because I just put Mason in. And all of a sudden he just jumps in from the steps. Well, I don't know if he can swim or not, so I jumped in fully dressed with my shoes and Jacob's uninsured Blackberry phone. I grabbed him and we got out. He said that was fun, but he then said that he guesses that he doesn't know how to swim. After they played on the trampoline we went and got dressed into our clothes (me into dry clothes) then headed to our local McDonald's. They played for a while and then we went home, they took showers and did our bedtime routine. It was a great night and we are ready for our next friend to sleep over. Hopefully in our new house.

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