Sunday, September 5, 2010

If you don't have something nice to say.....

Last night our family went to the Cedar Park Car Show.  My mom, step dad, and their friends were already there and they had Mason.  Whenever we got their the kids were all playing nearby with other children, so Cody and Hayden ran over their to play too.  It was when my sister (the boys 9 year old aunt) comes up and says Cody said something rude to another boy. She usually likes to see her nephews get in trouble, but Mason agreed that Cody did say something rude. So, I ask....

Whenever she said that Cody had told another boy that he was FAT, I am pretty sure my blood pressure shot right through the sky.  I was very upset at him.  I couldn't believe he had said that.  I am pretty sure that I have taught him better then the way he was last night.  I am big on the phrase: If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all!.  Why he felt led to say this, I have no idea.  He wears glasses and has crossed eyes.  He is the last one to be talking about others.  We are having quite some trouble with him and his lying, hitting, whining, and just being rude and disobedient.  I don't want to have to deal with him going to jail later in life because of disrespect and not obeying rules so I will address this issue until it's nipped in the bud. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

FALL is in the HOUSE!

The past couple of days have teased us with the presence of nice cool weather and smells of the Fall season.  Because of this beautiful weather, I headed straight to walmart and purchased my first 'pumpkin spice' candle to get my house ready for the Fall season.  With the smell of the lit candles and the beautiful weather, I say bring on the Fall weather/season. 


Thursday, September 2, 2010

My thoughtful husband!

Since last week, my husband, Jacob, has been doing things that have made our marriage even better.  I am a person who thinks the small things out-do the big things in marriages.  I prefer my husband to help me around the house then him buying me gifts or flowers. 

I must brag a bit about what he did today!  First off, I received a text saying that the song playing on 100.7 was his song to me.  At the time he sent that text my phone was dead.  =(      

Whenever I got home and charged my phone and actually received this text I was sad that I wasn't able to listen to the song that he thought of me.  It was whenever he came home he had picked (off a plant in our back yard) the most beautiful flower. Not only did he pick the most beautiful flower but he showed me on youtube the cutest song.  It was Uncle Kracker's Smile.  I am very fortunate to still be in love with my high school sweet heart.  Our love seems to grow daily. 

Listen to Uncle Kracker SMILE

Day at my grandparents...

Today I was asked to help my mom clean up her house which is connected to my grandparents house.  I LOVE going to my grandparents house because it's full of memories and love. 

After I finished cleaning, I went over to visit with my Mamaw and Papaw.  Papaw was finishing up his bedroom project which consists of painting and putting in a beautiful wood floor.  I know he loves me so much, he calls me beautiful everytime he sees me and gives me a kiss!  I sure hold a special place in my heart for my grandparents.  Mamaw is very loving as well.  I haven't seen her in quite sometime, so catching up was so much fun. 

They have been married for over 50 years, and their love is still strong!  I hope Jacob and I can grow old and stay in love just like them!  They value God and family so much...  Such amazing role models.


This is the start of my two sons, 3rd week in school.  I really think this year has started off perfect because of the routine we have set in place for the boys.  In the evening, the boys shower, brush their teeth, get baby lotioned up and then our whole family meets in our bedroom for reading time (in which we read a different book each night). We pray over our sons and then tuck them in their beds with a kiss and "I love you". 

In the morning, since their bus picks them up at 7:00 am, I wake them up at 6:45 am and since I have their clothes picked out the process of getting dressed is less stressed and just a matter of putting them on.  They brush their teeth and we walk out the door around 6:55 am, in which, I pray over them and then they hop on the bus. 

Each year gets better and better when it comes to organization and routine.  I am very happy with this routine!