Sunday, August 29, 2010

"I don't want want to be a baby anymore....."

This morning I woke the boys up so we could get ready for church.  All 3 of our boys have nicknames: Tody, Mase, and Baby Carrot.  I won't go into detail on why we have came up with these but it just fits them. 

I was trying to wake the "baby carrot" up and mentioned his name to get up.  He told me as clear as day, "I don't want to be a baby anymore....I want to be a ROCKSTAR!".  Mason overheard him say that and said that he wanted to be included in being a ROCKSTAR.  Cody just assumed he is already one. 

So be watching for the DOTSON BROTHERS being on TV one day.... Whatever they become will be a ROCKSTAR in their mommy's eyes.   =) 

Friday, August 27, 2010

First experience with the SCHOOL BUS!

The second day of school was a very scary day for me as a mother.  My sister-in-law picked up the boys that day, but whenever she went to pick Mason up they told her he was on the bus yet Cody was there ready to be picked up.  She immediately contacted me to let me know.  At this point I was very upset because I had no idea where his teacher would have thought I would have said to put him on the bus.  I didn't know where the bus route or number of the bus.  So I called the school to try and locate my son.  It took too long before I knew exactly where my son was.  I honestly didn't feel they were as concerned as I thought they should have been.  Eventually he made it home, my scenario was my little pre-ker was on the bus scared to death because his big brother wasn't there with him.  I asked him if he was ok whenever he got off the bus and his response was: THAT WAS AWESOME MOMMY, can I ride the bus EVERYDAY?!  Which in turn made Cody think, Hey that's not fair how come he gets to ride the bus and not me.  So, I have allowed them to ride the bus to and from school.

In the morning the bus picks them up at 7am.  After they get dressed, brush teeth and get the bags on, we go out there about 5-10 minutes early to have a little prayer time and talk.  They drop off at 4:45pm, in which I we walk and talk about the day at school. Hayden can't WAIT to ride the bus.  I love these sweet boys so much.

CPR/First Aid and Super Hero Capes....?

Yesterday evening I had to go to my school for a CPR/First aid training.  Anytime I leave the house without my boys and husband, my boys always ask questions where, why, how? 

They are very curious little boys.  So whenever they asked where I was going I told them I had to go to CPR/First Aid training.  Then the following question why?  I told them I had to learn how to save people.  They automatically assumed I was going to save someone from drowning.  Mason then said, "Mommy, are you taking your cape?"  I asked him, "what cape?"  He proceeded, "Are you going to wear a super hero cape to rescue people?"  I thought that was the most absolute cutest thing ever.  Mason left the room because I told him the clothes that I was wearing were my 'super hero clothes' to save people.  Hayden was still in the room, so I asked him if I could borrow one of his capes.  He said YES, let me go get it.  He comes back and says, I can't find it.

The moral to this sweet story is that, ANYONE who is rescuing people or a person is like a Super Hero in little kids eyes, or at least 3 little boys that I know! 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our journey to becoming a "No Ordinary Family"

Three days ago began a new journey for myself and my family.....


The deletion of my facebook is only temporary, but I feel it will be a good thing for me to work on self- discipline.  The theme for our family for the rest of the year is Self Discipline

Not only myself, but my little family will be working on many different aspects that deal with this.  For example, there are some sunday mornings, we just do not want to get up and go to church.  God gave his son to die on the cross, getting up to go to church and serve is the LEAST that we can do for him. 

My family is my life, and if I am spending time on facebook, my time with them are getting cut down.  Another hobby I am going to be cutting down is Softball.  Softball has became almost an everyday part of our life.  I will be only playing tournaments here and there.  I enjoy supporting my husband playing, but my duty is to be a wife/mother first and everything else comes after that.  Self discipline applies to all these scenarios, in different ways. 

My main focus, for the REST of my life is GOD, FAMILY, and FRIENDS, in that exact order.

Blogging will be my source of communicating to those who don't see me or my familly as often as others.  Please continue to keep up with our family on here.  God is going to be working diligently in our lives.  I just know it!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Wow, what a day.  Full of all kinds of emotions. This morning was kind of hard for myself to wake up but once I remembered how special today was I quickly popped up and went and woke Mason up so he could go potty.  He was very happy to not have an accident and that today was THE day!  We had already laid his clothes out and so he went to where they were laying and got dressed.  After he got dressed he went and laid with his daddy for a few minutes of cuddle time. 

After getting Mason all ready, I went and tried to wake Cody up.  Expecting him to whine about having to get up, he just popped up as well. He also got dressed quickly and was ready to go.  So I surprised them, and said after they brushed their teeth we would head to McDonald's for a Special breakfast.  Of course that isn't going to happen anymore (well maybe here and there) they were so happy and excited.  When we got there we saw other kiddos in their cute outfits for school.  I brought the food and my school boys ate all of their 'BIG BREAKFAST'.  I'm telling you, these boys can eat.  I may have to take food donations when they become teenagers. 

Whenever we walked the boys into the school, it was a MAD HOUSE.  There was adults and children EVERYWHERE. I really hope by next week they get a routine down that actually works.  We had to take the boys to the gym and their classes were lined up by the teacher they had.  We dropped Mason off and then went and took Cody.  Jacob stayed with Cody and I went back to Mason just to wait and see what needed to be done.  I was watching as this parent behind me was almost uncontrollably crying as her daughter was like "um, mom please stop or I am about to bust out and cry!".  I was trying to be the adult and be strong for my little pre-ker so he knew school was actually cool and fun.  It was time for goodbye's and we departed in which seemed like for a few minutes because before I knew it I was heading back to the school to pick up my big boys.

Same as the morning, it was crazy hectic trying to get both boys and get back to the vehicle.  Tomorrow I will be getting there at 2:45pm to be sure I am first in line!  First thing Mason asked for was a McDonald's happy meal.  Of course since today was a SPECIAL DAY, I gave him.  I need to back up a bit, as soon as we got into our truck, Cody had blood on his mouth, his tooth was hanging by a little bit of his gums.  I got a napkins and pulled it!  The permanent tooth had already came in behind the tooth.  Cody really took from today at school to be obedient and do what your parents.  He was using his manners and actually doing what I asked without WHINING! 

I had a meeting at work this evening (which I hate evening meetings because I live far and get home late late). Jacob had stuff to do where he had to take the boys.  They didn't get in the shower until 9:45pm.  I felt really bad for them.  I prayed that God would let them sleep so good and give them enough energy to get through the day.  All 3 are passed out.  I am so ready for my head to hit the pillow and my eyes to roll on back.

Good Night and God bless.

Object Lesson About Priorities of Life

Object Lesson about Priorities of Life

A philosophy professor once greeted his new class with this object lesson:

He had an empty, clean quart jar that he held up to the class.

In this he poured some rocks about the size of a half dollar. He poured them in until the jar was full. Then he asked the class was the jar full indeed. They all answered that it was full.

The professor then took a bag of smaller pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook it so they would fall into the spaces between the larger rocks. The class laughed.

Once again, he asked, "Is the jar full?"

The class all answered again that it was full.

This time he picked up a cup of sand and poured it into the jar. Naturally, it filled up any left spaces as he shook it. He told his class to recognize that this represented their life. The rocks are the important things such as {GOD}, your family, your partner {SPOUSE), your children, your health, or anything so important to you that you would be nearly devastated if you lost it.

The pebbles are the other things in life that matter such as your house, job and car. The sand is everything else. The small stuff in life.

If you put the sand or the pebbles in the jar first, there will be no room for the rocks. Same goes for your life. If you spend all your time and energy on small stuff (material things), you will never have any time for the things that are truly most important. Pay attention to the things that are most critical in your life. Tell your spouse you love her, spend time playing with your children, take your spouse out dancing, take time for medical checkups. There will always be time to go to work, clean the house, give a dinner party, or fix the disposal.

Take care of the rocks first, the things that really matter to you. Set your priorities. The rest is just pebbles and sand!

Copied the italic paragraphs from:
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I had heard of this "lesson" a few years ago and after reading it again today it definitely got my mind working. I question if my "Rocks" are really at the top of my priority list or is the "Sand" more than it should be.

I know my FIRST priority is/needs/wants to be God, why I can't find a simple 15-20 minutes of alone everyday.  So, that is going to be the FIRST thing I get right.  I already go to church regularly but I want that personal relationship with him.  I have already challenged myself to read the entire bible within the next year. 

Next, be more 'Family oriented'.  My family is literally my life, but I can always STRIVE to do better.  I want to do more one-on-one quality time with my boys.  I want to teach them so much about God, obedience, love, respect, trust, honor.  These boys could be the next; President, CEO, architech, doctor, law enforcement, manager, or whatever they put their mind to.  They need to know that we love and support them.   I love love LOVE (did I mention I LOVE) this verse in the bible: "Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior's hands." Psalm 127:4  My husband has 3 boys he will get to teach how to throw and catch a football/baseball/basketball. Wouldn't be awesome to see that same man teach his sons how to help/share/befriend/love/respect others. Moving on to my neices and nephews, I want to be there for them and their activities.  I want them to know that they are that special to us! We love both sides of our families so much and are very blessed with great wisdom from both.

I could go on and on with this blog post, but you get the idea.  I hope this 'object' lesson helps you with your journey through life.  GOD BLESS!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Twas the night before....Pre-K and 1st Grade!

Twas the night before Pre-K and 1st grade, when all through the house, not a student was stirring, not even; oh wait Hayden is still. The back packs are hung right near their outfits, in hopes that tomorrow's first day will start with NO fits. The boys are snuggled into their beds with letters, numbers and shapes dancing in their heads.

It's amazing to think that at the age of 15 when Jacob and I started dating that we would fast forward 11 years and have 3 boys later, in which, 2 are in elementary and 1 that would love to be going with his big brothers. I have to say that I am BEYOND BLESSED. Sitting here tonight as I am typing, I have a lump in my throat trying to hold myself back from just letting a flood of tears go. I CAN DO THIS.

Whenever we came home from sunday dinner at the in-laws, the boys got in the shower and got good and squeaky clean. I lotioned them up, they brushed their pearly whites and jumped into our bed for a few books and the bible read to them. Jacob prayed over them and then they went to their rooms. Cody had a harder time with being in his room since this summer he 'camped' out on the couch most of the time. So in his mind the couch WAS IN FACT his "Bed". But he has now settled in nicely and is fast asleep. On the other hand, although he did not have a hard time going to his bed, Mason is having a hard time falling asleep. I think all the hype of going to "BIG BOY SCHOOL" has got him jittery. I am just thankful he is being quiet. Now if I could only say the same for Hayden who is just running around here singing his new favorite song: The B-I-B-L-E.

To all my teacher family & friends, I just want you to know that what you are doing, IT'S A BIG DEAL and you are making a BIG DIFFERENCE in the lives of the next generations of Presidents, law makers, doctors, law enforcements, teachers, managers, etc. So from little ol me to you: THANK YOU!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I am TERRIBLE at starting things and finishing them, so this challenge will be a biggie if I ACTUALLY finish!

Ok, so I am a HUGE fan of challenging myself to do different things. My last challenge was to not drink sweet tea for a month and you know it, I SUCCEEDED! So, this time I wanted to work on my personal relationship with Jesus Christ and what better way to do so than to read the LIVING WORD that is GOD BREATHED. I have already started Genesis and everytime I have attempted to read the entire bible, I end up stopping in Exodus because of all the families and their names and it was a little boring to me, but I am ready to read some amazing stories. The Bible is a romance, drama, comedy, horror all rolled into one great story! There are 66 books in the bible and 2199 pages in the New Living Translation Bible I have. Wish me luck on my journey (or a quick prayer would be nice).

I love you THIS MUCH!

My favorite thing to do as a parent/mommy is question my sons love for me. I will ask them "How much do you love me?" and in return they stretch their arms out as wide as they can go and say "THIS MUCH MOMMY!". Which in return, I stretch mine as far as they can go and tell them I love them this much too and then I wrap my arms around them and kiss them. This is one ritual I hope continues in our family. It's simple but the boys absolutely love it.

As I was laying in bed this morning just meditating on God's love for me and everyone else, it dawned on me that God also 'proved' his love for us by stretching his arms as wide as they could go on the cross for all those who questioned,he said; "I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH!". I will teach my sons this concept when they get a bit older, but as an adult I just love the fact that God came from heaven in form of man, Jesus, to show love/passion for people by dying on the cross for ALL our sins. Thank you Lord for you mercy and grace.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Words from Christine Caine and my thoughts...

I went to my church (Celebration Church) women's event who our guest speaker was non-other than: CHRISTINE CAINE from Hillsong Church in Australia who is also the lady who started up A21 which helps women who have been slaves of human trafficking. First off, I want to give props to Celebration's worship team who did a wonderful job worshipping our sweet heavenly father. I could definitely sense His prescense and I was pumped.

If you have read my previous blogs you will know I have ADD and to be tuned in COMPLETELY for a straight hour and a half is REALLY good for me! She had my whole mind, heart and soul on hanging onto every word that came out her mouth. I didn't want it to end. She spit out many verses from the bible and I will put those on here so you are able to search your bible and read the wonderful word of God.

One of her biggest points that really just stuck in my head and heart was the as a Christian and as the Body of Christ, we need to fulfill our place in the church because the church needs to be reaching out and saving the lost and broken world. It's our time as Christians to reach out and show his love and help those who need help. It our time to step out of our box of comfort and step in faith.

Some of her main points from last night were:





Verses she refered to:

*LUKE 10:33 *EZEKIEL 36:26
*ROMANS 8:19 *ISAIAH 1:12-17
*JOHN 4:35 *LUKE 9:59-62

After the event, I eagerly rushed to the booth where her books were being sold. I could't wait to buy the "Can I have and do it all, please?". So, after $15 later, chapters in, I have; laughed and thought hard about what she has said. One thing that jumped out at me and I want to share before I get off is:

"It is no coincidence God gave each of us a distinct set of markings unique to every person alive or who has ever lived: THE FINGERPRINT. Even identical twins aren't 100% identical becvause each has a different pattern on their fingertips. I believe this is one of the ways God reminds us that each of us is an ORIGINAL, a unique person with a unique purpose."

Now that is AWESOME, to think that I, Sandi Dotson, is an original that God created. God is so AMAZING, take him out of your small box, because he is so so so much bigger than you realize! God Bless....