Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

What a wonderful way to celebrate New Years then to do it at home with just your husband and kids. We went and ate dinner at one of our favorite Mexican food restaraunts and then came home and watched the Ryan Secrest New Years show. We even danced around, all of us.... After putting the boys in bed, I ended up having to wake Jacob up for the ball drop. We kissed and prayed and then headed to bed. It was fun and safe.... Happy New Year!!!

Christmas at our house!

Let me back up to the night before Christmas. We put out pumpkin bread and milk for Santa and Cody wrote Santa a letter. It was too cute. When the boys went down for bed, Jacob went outside and put Sled tracks in our yard (which is still their today!) Then "Santa" put their toys in the toy room all nice, wrote the boys back and ate the goodies. It was a lot of fun. Jacob and I wrapped up gifts and got everything ready up until 1:30am, then it was time for bed. The boys woke us up and we went and opened presents. After they opened the presents from us we read the letter that Santa wrote back to them, which mentioned that he left some gifts for them in the toy room. I seriously think Jacob and I were more excited to see their reaction then anyone. They opened the door and freaked out. They loved it. Cody even mentioned that Santa did a good job cleaning the play room!!! It was nice, then we had pancakes for breakfast.

After we all got dressed we went over to Jacob's parents house and did Christmas all day with them. It was amazing. I just love spending time with family.....

Christmas at the Viceniks

December 24, 2008. We had a great evening at my mom's house. We went over and had yummy desserts that were made by the lady who lives with them. Then we sat down and Johnnie read about the story from the bible about Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus. It was great watching the boys being interested in the story. Then John handed out his gifts first. He gave Jacob and I the movie "Short Circuit" which was a favorite of mine back in my younger years about a robot names Johnnie #5. Then he gave Hayden a "Power Rangers" movie, which was also a favorite of both Jacob and mine (in our younger years). The other boys got each their very own "Thomas the tank engine" movie. It was very nice of him. Then we gave our gifts and then mom and them gave theirs. We had a great visit and hope we are able to visit with them more in 2009.

Decorating our Christmas Tree

The boys have really enjoyed participating in decorating the tree this year. It was fun having most of the tree decorated by their own hands from school projects. Each one of them had the opportunity to put on the tree what they made. They really got into the Christmas spirit and we were able to use it as a learning experience and was able to share with them the true meaning of Christmas (Jesus' birth).

Jacob's Christmas Party for Work

December 19, 2008. We went to the Marriott in Round Rock for some Surf n' Turf dinner and fun Gambling (not with our own money). I had a great time chit chattin' with the wives and of course playing Black Jack. Jacob and I probably played Black Jack the whole time. Jacob got a Safety award (Nice flash light set) this year. He also won a door prize (which was some type of tool kit).

Cody's Christmas Program

Our Cody is such the entertainer. I just know God blessed him with a singing ability and he has definetly used it for sharing about God. What a wonderful, talented little man he is. He was an angel in the His Kids Christmas program. This will be his last year at His Kids because next year he will be attending Kindergarten at Jarrell Elementary.

Cody's Christmas Party at School

I had a wonderful time visiting Cody's classroom Christmas party. I was able to watch him participate in several fun activities such as: Make an ornament, make a yummy Christmas Tree out of a icecream cone, and play M&M bingo. It was great to be able to take time away from teaching and from the other boys and just be able to focuse on Cody. I know since the other boys were born Cody hasn't had as much attention as before, but he knows we love him. They also sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and got to blow out their own candle on top their cupcake.

Sandi's 25th Birthday

November 22, 2008. Yes, that's right I am a quarter of a century old. I am at a great point in my life. I have my husband who I have been married to 5 1/2 years, with 3 kids and a house we have turned into our home. What else could a girl ask for???

Thanksgiving Feast

I have been away awhile I see..... So, Cody had his Thanksgiving feast at His Kids which including a Thanksgiving Meal and entertainment by the kids. Cody had his own table for his family which included, Jacob, Susan (Jacob's Mom), Sheryl (my mom), Johnnie (my Step-Dad), Mamaw (my grandma) and Papaw (my grandpa). I was not able to attend, so I have to go by pictures and a video clip my mother in law took. From what I saw and heard, Cody did a great job singing and performing, (and the food was good also!).

Still here...

Just wanted to let you know that I am still here. I haven't been able to get on the computer because I have been slammed between being a mom and being a teacher. With us starting back on Monday, it will probably be a little time before I can update. But since I am on now, I will work on it by downloading some pictures.... Maybe....