Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas at our house!

Let me back up to the night before Christmas. We put out pumpkin bread and milk for Santa and Cody wrote Santa a letter. It was too cute. When the boys went down for bed, Jacob went outside and put Sled tracks in our yard (which is still their today!) Then "Santa" put their toys in the toy room all nice, wrote the boys back and ate the goodies. It was a lot of fun. Jacob and I wrapped up gifts and got everything ready up until 1:30am, then it was time for bed. The boys woke us up and we went and opened presents. After they opened the presents from us we read the letter that Santa wrote back to them, which mentioned that he left some gifts for them in the toy room. I seriously think Jacob and I were more excited to see their reaction then anyone. They opened the door and freaked out. They loved it. Cody even mentioned that Santa did a good job cleaning the play room!!! It was nice, then we had pancakes for breakfast.

After we all got dressed we went over to Jacob's parents house and did Christmas all day with them. It was amazing. I just love spending time with family.....

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