Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Progress with Projects!

I am VERY excited that I am finally seeing PROGRESS on our PROJECTS!!!!!!

I do want to thank my hubs, Jacob, for doing the finishing touches on the tape & float and texturing (and possible painting tomorrow)my room will be COMPLETE; aside the minor things as new comforter (I have my eye set on a nice cheap one at Wally World!), decorating and changing the carpet (but that is LONG way from now project).

Then it's on to finishing texturing the living room and painting and we found cheap nice tile we have our eyes on for POSSIBLY changing the carpet out in the living room. Then of course is the long term 'decorating' of the space. Then it's on to Cody's room, playroom, touch up the little boys room, both bathrooms and so on.

Now this is what the married life is ALL ABOUT...PROJECTS! PROJECTS! PROJECTS! We can't wait to have a party once the main part (living room) is complete, because we MUST celebrate completion. It's a big deal when you are ADD! =)

I need to add that the playroom is getting almost all organized. The boys will be very happy to have their area back up and running. It's been the extended laundry area for awhile. Jacob is making me a laundry area aside the playroom. I love my handy man!

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