Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dotson picnic dinner

Today was such a beautiful day that as soon as I got home from work I knew I wanted to make dinner early and eat outside on our picnic table my husband so craftly built.  I had already decided I was going to make chicken fettucine alfredo for dinner.  Here are the steps I did to make this delicious dish.

Most of the Ingredients:

Step one:  sautee red bell pepper with Smart Balance light butter

Step two: cut chicken into bite size and cook with a touch of olive oil

 Step three: Add the alfredo sauce and red bell pepper with the cooked chicken

Step four: cook fettucine

Step five: Mix together in a pan, Chicken alfredo and fettucine, top with crushed ranch crutons and bake for a few minutes

Dotson family picnic dinner oustide

Hayden enjoyed his noodles!

 Mason enjoying his noodles! (beautiful eyes)

Cody enjoying his noodles! (slurping)


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