Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cody with the ipod

Monday we went to our niece, Rachael, softball game. While we were watching the boys were getting restless. Cody had found my ipod and wanted to listen to music. So, I helped him put them on.

Cody is going through a major growth spurt. Before the game we ate at Schlotsky's and he ate an entire pizza and cookie by himself. Whenever he had his ipod on he asked 'loudly' if he could get some money and get some chips at the concession. I gave him $1 in change and let him know that, he had his ipod on and said 'huh' loudly. Then, while still having the ipod on, he gave the lady the money and she asked him what he wanted. Once again, loudly, he says 'huh?'. It was too funny, because if he would have just took the ear piece out he would have heard. And him being so loud and not knowing was hilarious.

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