Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine Dinner

We really enjoyed spending Valentine's at home this year! We had decided that we wouldn't do gifts because we know Valentine's Day is a "money making" holiday. Well, Jacob surprised me, by going to one of my favorite store's 'Compass Trading' and buying me a purse. He picked it out himself. He is so thoughtful. I had picked up stuff from the store to have a romantic dinner at home. It was funny because the whole time we were cooking we flirted and laughed like it was just us two in the house, but we did have our 3 boys. When the dinner was ready to be served, I set the table like it would have been set up at a restaraunt for a party for 2, but then reality set in and went ahead and set the boys up also. After dinner and desserts, we put the boys down for bed and cozyed up on the couch with candles lit everywhere and watched a movie. We really were happy that we chose to stay in. We hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!