Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our journey to becoming a "No Ordinary Family"

Three days ago began a new journey for myself and my family.....


The deletion of my facebook is only temporary, but I feel it will be a good thing for me to work on self- discipline.  The theme for our family for the rest of the year is Self Discipline

Not only myself, but my little family will be working on many different aspects that deal with this.  For example, there are some sunday mornings, we just do not want to get up and go to church.  God gave his son to die on the cross, getting up to go to church and serve is the LEAST that we can do for him. 

My family is my life, and if I am spending time on facebook, my time with them are getting cut down.  Another hobby I am going to be cutting down is Softball.  Softball has became almost an everyday part of our life.  I will be only playing tournaments here and there.  I enjoy supporting my husband playing, but my duty is to be a wife/mother first and everything else comes after that.  Self discipline applies to all these scenarios, in different ways. 

My main focus, for the REST of my life is GOD, FAMILY, and FRIENDS, in that exact order.

Blogging will be my source of communicating to those who don't see me or my familly as often as others.  Please continue to keep up with our family on here.  God is going to be working diligently in our lives.  I just know it!

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