Thursday, September 2, 2010

My thoughtful husband!

Since last week, my husband, Jacob, has been doing things that have made our marriage even better.  I am a person who thinks the small things out-do the big things in marriages.  I prefer my husband to help me around the house then him buying me gifts or flowers. 

I must brag a bit about what he did today!  First off, I received a text saying that the song playing on 100.7 was his song to me.  At the time he sent that text my phone was dead.  =(      

Whenever I got home and charged my phone and actually received this text I was sad that I wasn't able to listen to the song that he thought of me.  It was whenever he came home he had picked (off a plant in our back yard) the most beautiful flower. Not only did he pick the most beautiful flower but he showed me on youtube the cutest song.  It was Uncle Kracker's Smile.  I am very fortunate to still be in love with my high school sweet heart.  Our love seems to grow daily. 

Listen to Uncle Kracker SMILE

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