Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dinner at the Dotsons!

Every sunday since I have been with Jacob they have had Sunday dinners where all siblings come together with their families and eat dinner. I have TRULY enjoyed this time together. It's such a bonding experience in which I would LOVE to do when my boys are older.

At times it does get hectic with 3 girls and 4 boy cousins all get together. But to me it's worth every 'annoying' scream, because they are only young once. My boys LOVE their cousins so much and I really enjoyed growing up with my cousins and I want the bond we had when I was young.

Tonight was VERY interesting. Some of our friends came over to join the family dinner and we got into the "not at the table" talk. I guess that is why I fit into this family so well, because I was right on in there with the comments. I love my family and my "married" into family so much! God has AMAZINGLY blessed me abundantly.

My boys are bathed and PASSED out and I am going to get their clothes layed out to make my morning a much easier task. I am taking left-over Chicken fried steak, salad and corn. Don't be jealous!

*Above picture is me in my Mother-in-laws SNUGGIE!!! I loved it and want one for my house!

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