Sunday, January 17, 2010

Faith, Friends, Football and Family

Today has been the most beautiful day! God has truly blessed us with a very nice weekend. Yesterday the boys spent most of the day outside. I love those days because that's what it's all about. Playing and enjoying each other. Not just being plopped in front of the tv.

This morning at 5 am, Jacob's co-worker called and said their was an emergency call. So, I had thankfully set my alarm to go off at 8 am to get ready for church. I was able to bathe the boys and get them all ready and to church EARLY!!! That's a BIG TIME WOOHOO for the Dotson Family. I hate being late and Jacob is usually the main reason why we are late for church but if you ask him he will deny the accusation! Anyway, so Jacob was even able to attend so I brought him clothes from home. The last few sundays have been quite nice having a few of our friends attend our church with us. I just love how God is working in their lives and hope they find it comforting and maybe even a place to call "Home".

After church, which was "OFF THE CHAIN" as usual, we headed over to the Sidatt's for lunch. They are always so "hospitable" and getting food together. We were there to watch the Cowboys Football team hopefully continue their winning streak to the Super Bowl. Sadly, the Vikings wanted it a lot more.

Now we are home and the boys are outside yet again. I am about to put a load in from "Mount Wash More" and finish cleaning up the kitchen. I see now why people either eat out or use paper plates because the dishes just grow after using them. Although our dishwasher isn't working at the moment, I have enjoyed handwashing, but now that I am on day 3 of just washing the odds and ends it's quite annoying!

And lastly but certainly not least, on Sundays we join with Jacob's family for a "Dotson Family Meal" in which his siblings and their family all get together for a yummy home cooked meal. It's always nice before a long hard week to be with your loved ones. Of course, tomorrow me and the boys are off school due to MLK Day. We have a lot of fun activities planned with a friend, so we hope the day is as beautiful as this one!

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