Saturday, January 9, 2010

I love all movies......except!

Yesterday we wanted to have a dinner and movie night at home. So, Jacob thought he would run out and get the movies while I was finishing up cleaning. (Isn't that what all men do, run from the cleaning!? That's a whole different blog topic!)

Whenever he came home and gave me the movies, the first one I always look for is the kids movie because he ALWAYS gets a movie that they have either ALREADY seen or ALREADY have. Yes in this case he got them a movie they have seen and really didn't particularly like. But oh well, we have the Disney Channel. Then I looked at what he brought us: Bruno & Lies and Illusions.

Bruno was extremely disgusting. Unless you enjoy GAY stuff, this is the movie for you! Lies and Illusions was TERRIBLE and I went to bed before it was over.

In conclusion, Jacob is NEVER allowed to pick out movies AGAIN and I HATE those movies! I must change how I LOVE ALL MOVIES~!

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