Sunday, January 10, 2010

FUEL-What are you running on?

Church was so uplifting today, oh wait every sunday is uplifting. To me everytime I walk into those doors God meets me where I am that day, whether it being the best day or my worst.

Today's sermon topic was over FUEL - What are you running on? Good Fuel or False Fuel? Some of the False fuels are: Fuel of Self, Fuel of Money and Fuel of Pleasure. I am pretty sure I could fall into any of those and that is something I want to CHANGE in 2010. I want to be Fueled by HIS WILL. And I can be if I stay in the word, SERVE, and worship God fully.

I am very excited for this year for my family and our FAITH. We plan to start serving in our church which has been a HUGE goal for us. We also discussed about TITHING 10% (give back what God has blessed us with!). It's been tough for us so we haven't had the opportunity but if we only give whenever we have money than it's not by FAITH. So whether we have 2 dollars or 200 dollars we are going to set aside that FIRST whenever we get paid.

To my friends who are looking for a Church home, I ask that you try out Celebration Church. Your eyes will be truly opened to God's Love and Compassion shown through his people.

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