Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fine motor skills

Today, at my school we worked on the kids fine motor skills by getting spaghetti colanders and pipe cleaners.  They would put the pipe cleaners in the holes of the colanders.  It was a HIT!  I saw how much fun my 2 years had that I couldn't wait to get off work and head to my FAVORITE store, Dollar Tree, to see if they had what I needed to do it at home with my boys. 

The only thing the Dollar Tree had were can colanders, which are smaller (but come to think about it, I don't need 4 spaghetti colanders) so I was glad to have purchased the small ones.  I also bought 3 packs of 45 pipe cleaners in assorted colors.  When I got home, I gave each boy their project and they LOVED it!  Each made their own special creation and without knowing was working on their fine motor skills that will help them. 

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