Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting ready for Valentine's Day

The past couple of weeks I have been searching and searching for the cutest Valentine's day gifts that the boys could participate in and that I know their friends would enjoy as well.  Of course, the boys are going to make Valentine cards but this is their special gifts to their friends. 

Thanks to Tator tots and Jello and her creative idea to take bottled waters and decorate them up a bit, add a few accessories and TADA! 

This is what I did: I bought 52 bottled water (.9oz), adorable Valentine scrapbook paper, Avery (48366) file folder labels, pink ribbon, swirly straws from Dollar tree, and sugar free Hawaiian Punch singles to go (purple and red). 

I measured 1 and 1/2 inch all the way down the scrapbook paper (the last one was 2 inches which I still used).  Cut and glue (I used scotch quick dry adhesive) the scrapbook paper on the bottled water.
I forgot to mention above that I made my own heart template with to and from and glued that on the water bottle. The boys put the Avery labels (which reads: LOVE JUICE mix content in bottle water) on the individual Hawaiian punch. They loved participating! I poked a hole in the singles and put the pink ribbon around the swirly straw and bottled water and there you have it folks, LOVE JUICE from the Dotson boys.

 Mason was so focused

 Cody was side-tracked because of a movie that was on Disney.


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Cherokee's Mom said...

Those turned out so cute!