Friday, February 18, 2011

The Power Team

This was a perfect family outing.  It all started with getting Mason and Cody's hair cuts.  They look like handsome prince' instead of red neck hillbillies with their mullets! Right after they were done getting their hair cuts we rushed to have dinner with our friends The Caskey's and Mr. Dady.

Dinner was delish and the company was entertaining.  We had 5 boys between the 2 of 3 families.  I must say the boys were wonderful (all 5 of them).  After finishing up, since we ate right next to the church we all just walked to Main Street Baptist Church.  It was a BEAUTIFUL evening. 

When we walked in, the first people we see are Mason and Cody's friends from school.  I knew they would be there with their grandparents but figured the chances of seeing them would be slim to none. So of course, I had my camera ready and took pictures.  (Lanessa, I'm sure your sons are sick of me and my camera!) After pictures, we took our amazing seats (right smack dab in the middle and close to the front!) The lights turn off and the music is loud and the bold voice comes over the speakers and they start to introduce The Power Team and I am just as excited as I can be and I look over and my three year old is screaming and crying with the booklet they handed out at the beginning. I picked him up and put him in my lap and that helped a bit.  But it was when he went and sat in Mr. Dady's lap is when he actually enjoyed the show. (Thanks Eric!)

Tonights line up consisted of: John Kopta, Sargent Rock, Bonzai, and Shannon.  Bonzai spoke his testamony and I had goosebumps and almost in tears, but it was so inspirational.  Then they blew up hot water bottles and they would pop, he said the pressure of the hot water bottles when they pop is like a tire on an 18 wheeler popping, and these guys were blowing them up until they BURST.  AMAZING!  Then John bent 2 frying pans until they were curled completely, ripped 4 (1000 page each) phonebooks in 30 seconds, bent an inch and a half of steel rebar, broke wood bats, ripped Texas license plates in half and lifted a huge log that was on fire up and down.  My boys were simply amazed at all that.

After the show was over, we had bought a miniature bat and the boys got to get pictures with each Power team member and get their signature.  The entertainment this evening was beyond belief, unless you are their to see it to believe it. 

Shannon with the boys

Sargent Rock with the boys

John with the boys

Bonzai with the boys

I was craving something sweet and so we went and got mini blizzards for the whole family.  DQ in Georgetown has a sign right before you walk into the doors that said "Bad Attitudes Here" and underneath was a trash can.  I just loved it, so I took a picture to share with you all.

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