Monday, February 21, 2011

*Super Star*

I am so very proud of Cody.  He has worked hard at school getting Super star and Cougar Pride.  To get a Super star and Cougar pride you have to display character, integrity, and so on (Cody told me all but I forgot).  He brought home his Show and Tell box that he gets whenever he gets Cougar Pride, and is able to bring something that he is proud of that fits in the box and share it with the class.  He was so pumped because he wanted to put the POWER TEAM brochure (he got all their autographs on it).  I wish I was there to hear him share about all the wonderful things they did.  I bought him a shirt there and it says, "FLEX YOUR FAITH" and he wants to wear it tomorrow.  I love that he doesn't care that people might put him down because he loves God but that he loves God and people and can't wait to share about his Love through the Power Team.  Way to go, Cody!!!

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