Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Review

Friday morning, I was awakened from my sweet dreams (and drooling on my comfy pillow) to my amazing husband with a plate filled with eggs sunny side up (just how I like it, so I can dip my crispy bacon inside) and peppered bacon.  Since Hayden is not in school still he asked if he could eat his breakfast in my bed too.  I ended up getting out of bed to join my husband and son in the kitchen (didn't want to have to clean up that mess!) and enjoy the yummy breakfast.  My husband had a fun filled day planned for us and it all started with Sam Moon.  Since I will be traveling to San Antonio next weekend for a softball tournament, he wanted me to go in style. He bought me a new zebra striped luggage bag.  It was very cheap, but from the looks of it -- it looks like he bought it from a high end store.  We are Pluckers members and a huge fan of their wings, so for lunch he took us there.  It was FREE fried pickles for being members, which is another family favorite.  After our delicious lunch we decided to head home so we could pick up the boys from school because once we picked them up we had to leave AGAIN and head to the softball fields for batting practice (I swear this is our busiest time of the year!).  After BP, we all wanted something different to eat (mommy wanted Panda Express, daddy wanted Schlotzky's, and the boys wanted BK).  We decided that we were also going to make it a chill evening and grab a few movies; Ramona and Beezus & The Social Network.  It was a great Friday.

Saturday morning was rough.  Waking up very tired boys and getting them ready for baseball practice and be at the fields by 8 AM is not my cup of tea (or coffee).  We finally made it out there about 8:15 and Hayden was so excited.  I have very high expectations this year because last year is was all cute him falling in the dirt and playing like he was sleeping but now I expect him to be a pro now! =)  He had a great first practice.  After Haydens was Masons practice.  This boys can drive a sweet mommy CrAzY!!!!  He LOVES playing baseball at home but when it comes to practicing he wants NOTHING to do with it.  I came from a coaches home and that stuff was NOT tolerated from pre-teeball til college.  Being the only parent at the field and having to keep my eye on Cody at the playground and taking Hayden to the bathroom every 5 minutes I felt helpless with Mason while he was about to jet to the playground in the middle of the practice. GGrrrrr!  After practice for Mason ended (thank you baby Jesus!) it was time to head out to mommy and daddy's games for the rest of the day.  We ended up taking 3rd in our tournament, ate dinner and came home to crash. Jam packed day completed!

Sunday morning arrived too quickly because when I checked the clock it was 10:00 am and our church starts at 10:45 and was 20 minutes away from where we live.  I jumped up told the boys to get dressed (then I had to go help them get dressed) and then get myself dressed and hurry to church.  I don't understand why it's so hard to get up on Sundays for my family but it is.  We made it to church 15 minutes late which is not bad considering the time we woke up.  We had a guest speaker, Pastor Rober Morris who brought the word on tithing.  He explained tithing so clearly for me.  I am so happy to be apart of such a growing church; Celebration Church.  After church we ate at El Patron and had the WORST service.  We were there for an HOUR.  After that train wreck, Cody (7) and I went to Jo-Ann Fabric and picked up the material to make my sweet buddy, Landon a Super Landon Cape.  Got home and cut out all the pieces and now all I have to do is sew it together (tomorrow).  Had a yummy dinner with my In-laws and now it's peaceful in the Dotson house with the Oscars on. 

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