Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cody's 7th Birthday Pictures

First, I want to thank my sister-in-law, Becky from Mamarazzi Photography, for taking time out of her day to spend it taking some really amazing shots of my oldest son.  Here are just a few of my favorites, enjoy!

This little boy holds a very special place in my heart!  I love you, Cody.


The Deason's said...

Oh!! He's so handsome!! Where did you and Becky go to take these?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I doubt you know me exactly, but I remember you from when I was younger. To us little kids at Jarrell, you were legendary when in high school. Most specifically, I remember you as the girl who always sucked her thumb! I remember thinking you were so awesome.

And I just had to say that reading your blogs now is so encouraging! To see your love for God and your's really a blessing :) Just thought you should know!

Sandi said...

Holly, took the park pictures at the NEW Jarrell Elementary park. The grass and cows were the back way to the the school.

Leah, that is the sweetest words. Thank you so much. As for being legendary in school, that's funny to me, but I remember looking up to other girls when I was in school. Girl, I still suck my thumb (I always say I will one day quit, just not today!). God is BIG in my life. I am truly blessed that he chose me to have these 3 boys to care and love and spill into them His amazing love. I also really enjoy reading your blog also. Very good writer! You too are an inspiration to me and other girls. =)