Sunday, April 24, 2011


My dad, step mom and sister came from Houston to visit us for the day.  The boys just love them to pieces and enjoy getting to see their Papa Jeff, Nana and Aunt Gabby.  This particular day we even got to hang out with my brother, John, who lives in South Austin. 

My dad came and picked me and the boys up and we met my brother at Red Lobster for some yummy seafood.  I was still on my cleanse, so I just got a salad and soup.  It was delish. 

After lunch we went to the Georgetown Wooden park so the boys could burn some energy and we could fellowship together.  I really enjoyed our topic on this day.  I know my dad loves me!  After our great conversation, my brother wanted to try an Acro Yoga move on me. 

And we finished our special day at Sonic.  =)

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