Monday, September 8, 2008

The essence of a cup of coffee

Yes, with coffee in hand, today is our first day back to school. And for some odd reason at this point I am so calm. Last night was a different story. I was so tired and went to bed at 9:15 pm, by about 9:20 pm I was out of bed getting stuff that I forgot to get done, finished. Then, my husband and I remember that there was a Big Brother episode that was on today that we had recorded. My mother-in-law, husband and I sat down and watched that. It was pretty good. I had a cookie and some milk, and finally looked at the clock and it said 11:15 pm, so I for real went to bed. Now it's 6:40 am and I have taken a shower, dried my hair and had my coffee and now I am able to type a little blog, before I go put my face on for the day (makeup) oh, and wake the kiddos up! I have high hopes that today will be a great day, please wish us luck or throw up a prayer. I am going to buy breakfast tacos for the boys teachers. I am going to pamper them all week with goodies, after that they are on there own. I will update on how the day went whenever I have time later today.

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