Monday, September 8, 2008

Whew! One down many more days to go!

We had an AMAZING day today. All 4 of us. My class was AWESOME!!! People would pass by and say, "that's not fair your kids are quiet and playing nicely together", it was perfect. The boys teachers gave so many complimants on the boys and said how great they were. Hayden's teachers adore him and said he is perfect, he eats great, and goes to sleep as soon as they laid him down. He goes with the flow. Mason's teachers said he did good today. He had an accident in his underwear, but the teacher said it was their fault because they didn't take him before playground. Although he pooped in his pull-up, which he didn't poop at all yesterday, so I figured today would be a poopy filled day. Cody's teacher saw me in the copy room and had to come tell me how cute Cody was today. That at the playground they overheard him say to another girl "Hey Honey, come here!" and they said the girl didn't miss a beat and said, "be there in a second." I thought that was adorable. And I appreciated her coming to tell me that. We did fall into a bit of a problem. I am a 4 day teacher and so I assumed that my kids were put in 4 day classes. I was talking to one of Cody's teachers and she was telling me that they are 3 days. I freaked out. Went and talked to the Directors and they fixed it. So, Cody will be in a different class tomorrow. The last teacher I talked to was one of his teachers last year and she said that she really would prefer Cody stay and on thursdays he could go to her house! Isn't that sweet. I just received an email from a parent and will post it after I post this. Hope you enjoyed our first day.

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