Monday, September 8, 2008

From one of my parents

The parent typed the first part as if it were Eli (not yet 2). Also, I promise I didn't edit anything!

Ms. Sandi-Thank you for such a great first day. I had a lot of fun today in your class. I had fun playing with my new friends. I liked coloring on my brown paper. See you tomorrow. I love you - Eli

Thank you so much for being so wonderful. I know it might be a little harder since Eli is younger then the rest and comes with some nice bottom issues. You have been so wonderful. My husband and I are so excited that Eli is in your classroom. The love you have for the children in your class is fantastic. They are all lucky to have you as a teacher. Eli was in such a good mood when he came to my class today. He could not stop talking. (although I could not understand him) he was so excited which tell me he had a great day. Have a wonderful night!!!

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