Friday, September 19, 2008


Ok, our oldest son Cody is extremely into Music. He has asked us to build him a singing room. When he asked us that, my husband Jacob, told him that singing rooms are for girls. Here is my question: Do you think that singing is a girl thing?? I personally don't and think very highly of Cody and his singing ability. One day he might make a career out of singing and I will back him in all he does.
I also don't think our son is going to be "gay" if he plays with dolls or kitchens. It's called "dramatic play". He's role playing to be a good daddy. If Jacob has a problem, he needs to get out in the yard and play catch with him. The fact that he says this really upsets me because if you say stuff like that and the kid hears you then he will start believing it. I don't want that for anyone especially my kids. If you have something negative to say about my kids or me go write it on paper or tell someone who cares, don't be rude.

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