Thursday, September 4, 2008

::Great day, Bad night::

Yesterday was a great day. We had our Open House at school from 9-11 am. I had special cookies made for each of my students and enough for their siblings and parents. They had primary color polka dots all over with the wording "Welcome to His Kids". As soon as the children came to the door with their parents and would get a little nervous, I would invite them in with handing them a cookie. All the kids then stopped crying and came in and started playing. It was great. I really enjoyed visiting with the parents and the children. I am going to have a wonderful year with these children.
After the Open House, we had a little "team" meeting in my Best friends classroom. Although, we spent most of the time getting onto our own kiddos, we finally got something accomplished. When we finally were done, I was so exausted because I haven't got up that early in a long time. Plus, I was stressin' that everything would be perfect, and it was. My husband asked me to go get his check, so I honored his request and even though I was tired I went and picked it up. When I went inside to pick it up, the lady told me that Jacob was supposed to call in to let them know I was picking the check up. She said they had been having problems with (ex) wives picking up the checks without permission. But she let me take it anyway, because I told her that he was asleep and I wouldn't be able to get in touch with him.
We went home after I picked the check up, and I was so exhausted I went into our room and plopped right next to Jacob. The first question he asked is if I "got" him something?! I said what do you mean? He said did I pick up him check, I said No. I was tired and didn't feel like picking it up! (wink). He was all upset at me and got out of bed and went into the other room. I fell asleep. He came in after he took a shower and told me to get up if I was going with him to get his check and run to Home Depot. I did want to go to Home Depot with him, so I got up. While we were on our way to "get his check" I pulled out his check and told him that I was a good wife and got it. He gave me a kiss and told me that I was the best wife and he appreciated me getting his check and apologized for being rude to me.
At Home Depot, we were down the isle we needed to be to get what we needed and guess who rounded the corner to ask if we needed help?! It was none other than the Olympian Chad Vaughn, asking us if we needed help. I said "I recongnize you, from the news, you're the Olympic weightlifter." He said, yes he was. Then we got to talking about the Olymics and everything. He was a sweet guy.
After we checked out and was on our way home, we got a call from Lindsey about the house. She wanted us to come in to go over the "closing" papers, (because we are closing today at 3pm), and wanted us to get our questions answered and walk through the house one more time before they move it to our land.
We hopped in with my Awesome (in so many ways)Mother-in-law Susan and headed to Killeen. We went over the papers with Lindsey and did a walk through. There were a few things we wanted done, but nothing drastic. Then she said,"Now there is one more thing I need to ask?!". We all looked at each other like crap what is it. Then she said,"Do you want any of the furniture that was in the house, that was decorative." Susan (MIL) asked what the fee was. And Lindsey said, FREE!!!! OMG, I about had a stroke right there. This furniture was brand new. A queen size bed, with brand new mattresses, couches, 2 sets of living room furniture, and a very nice dining table and chairs. We said Absolutely!!
Ok, that was our good day! When we got home, I am so tired at this point. I gave the boys baths and we went to bed. At a record time of 8:30pm. All the boys were sleeping with me. Hayden usually doesn't sleep with us, because he is a wiggle worm, and neither of us sleep, when he sleeps with us. But the night before, Hayden had a massive blowout in his bed (from his diaper). And there was BM everywhere. I thought, since Jacob was the one who got him out of bed to change him that he would have cleaned it up. I was wrong. When I went to put him in his bed I just didn't want to mess with it and put him in bed with us. (Me and the Boys). Over night, he fell off the bed 5 different times, and could have fell off more if I didn't catch him a few of the times. The last fall he had was at the bottom of our bed which had all of Cody's trains. After I picked him up, I went and turned the light on and saw he had been bruised up really bad in the face. It was still early in the morning and I know he was exhausted himself. So, I pretty much didn't sleep and kept my eye on him. Anyway, that was our bad night. I will post a few pictures of our Sold sign and a picture of Hayden and the aftermath of his falls.